Career Fair: Preparing Your Elevator Pitch

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Career Fair: Preparing Your Elevator Pitch

By Julia Faherty Updated January 15, 2019

When preparing for upcoming career fairs, it’s important to develop a short and effective way to present yourself to potential employers.

The “elevator pitch” is a script you can develop to list all your relevant job qualifications in about 60 seconds. There are several resources available at Tech to help you master the art of the pitch.

According to the Center for Career Discovery & Development, there are three elements in a successful pitch: I am, I do, and I will.

  • 'I am' is the introductory part. State your major, your year, and one or two facts about your studies. For example, "I am a second-year public policy major, with a concentration in finance and an interest in micro-loan development."
  • 'I do' is the main component of your pitch. Use a printed copy of your resume to determine the origins of what you do. These should be your skills, projects, research, leadership, and experience sections. Typical phrases can be:
    “Knowledgeable about…,” “Capable of…,” “Experienced with…,” “Expertise in….”  After compiling your initial list, check for any skills or relevant experiences that may be missing.
  • 'I will' is an assertion to conclude your conversation. Showcase the most important set of skills you have to offer, based on the company's needs.

Vamshi Adimulam (fourth-year computer science major and president of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity) and Ingrid Cai (fourth-year industrial and systems engineering major and the Society of Women Engineers’ vice president of Industry Relations) have shared their 60-second speeches to help others to create a winning elevator pitch. 

Vamshi Adimulam

Ingrid Cai