The Month in Photos: January 2021

The Month in Photos: January 2021

Vaccine Distribution, Battery Research, and Basketball.


Janet Foley pharmacist

Georgia Tech, in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), began distributing Covid-19 vaccines in January. Janet Foley (pictured), a pharmacist with Stamps Health Services, is working at the vaccine distribution clinic in the Exhibition Hall. Photo taken Jan. 14 by Evan Atkinson.


Student Rawda Rahman with Pres. Cabrera

Student Rawda Rahman, majoring in environmental engineering with a minor in public policy, discusses her experience as a senate aide with President Ángel Cabrera and her father, Georgia Senator Sheikh Rahman, who represents the 5th District. Photo taken Jan. 14 by Christopher Moore.


Chenee Joseph with Cade Lawson

Tech’s Center for Student Engagement held the Engage Symposium, featuring conversations with leaders who have made a significant impact at the local, state, or regional level. Cheneé Joseph (pictured), executive director of the Historic District Development Corporation, spoke with student Cade Lawson at the Ferst Center for the Arts. Photo taken Jan. 16 by Christopher Moore.


Stickworks sculpture at Kendeda Bldg

A sculpture made of tree branches and other natural materials is located close to Ferst Drive, near The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design. The temporary installation, part of the campus EcoCommons, is by “stickworks” artist Patrick Dougherty. Photo taken Jan. 21 by Rob Felt.


Al Vivian

Al Vivian was the keynote speaker for Race at Georgia Tech: A Call to Action, a virtual discussion held Jan. 21. Vivian is a national diversity and inclusion facilitator and son of civil rights leader C.T. Vivian. Photo courtesy of Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


women's basketball FSU

Georgia Tech women’s basketball beat Florida State, 66-58, on Jan. 24 at McCamish Pavilion. Photo courtesy of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.



Using X-ray tomography, a Georgia Tech research team has observed the internal evolution of the materials inside solid-state lithium batteries as they were charged and discharged. Three-dimensional information from the research could help improve the reliability and performance of the batteries. Photo by Matthew McDowell.


Men's basketball FSU

Georgia Tech men’s basketball beat Florida State, 76-65, on Jan. 30 at McCamish Pavilion, picking up Tech’s first win over FSU since 2017. Tech won its 10th consecutive ACC home game, which is a program record. Photo courtesy of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.

Photography: Allison Carter, Rob Felt, and Christopher Moore
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman

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