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Office Space

Georgia Tech has more than 8,000 faculty and staff members who work in spaces ranging from cubicles to laboratories and everything in between. Office Space is a photo-essay series featuring interesting workspaces across campus. 

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kimberly griffis in her office area

kimberly griffis in crosland tower

Kimberly Griffis has a great view of the Atlanta skyline from her office in the staff area on the fourth floor of Crosland Tower. Griffis, information associate in the Georgia Tech Library, has been a Tech employee since November 2015. She and her colleagues moved into the refurbished Crosland Tower when it opened in January 2019.

juan archila in his office in tech tower

Juan Archila is director of Facilities and Capital Planning for the College of Sciences. His office space, in the College of Sciences suite on the second floor of Tech Tower, was the original Georgia Tech Library. As a graduate student in Georgia Tech's School of Architecture, he studied the history and design of Tech Tower. Later, as an employee, he played a key role in getting one of the two archways uncovered and restored. Archila said, “Now, my desk faces the arch, and I see it every day.”

Learn more about Tech Tower's 2017 renovation and see inside the tower itself.

historical photos of the georgia tech library


goldfarb office

david goldfarb's office

David Goldfarb is director of financial administration for the Office of Facilities Management and one of the Enterprise Resource Planning implementation process owners. His office is in the O’Keefe Building, which used to be O’Keefe High School. Some think Goldfarb’s office may have been the principal’s office — but that is unconfirmed. He likes the novelty of the multi-paned windows and the easy access to his eight-person team located in the same office suite. He has been in the space since November 2017.

valarie thomas' office

valarie thomas' office

Valarie Thomas, assistant to the executive in the Office of the President, has a view of Tech Lawn from her office on the top floor of the Carnegie Building. The only office on the upper floor, the “bird’s nest” has been Thomas’ office since May 2015. Her favorite thing about the space is its abundance of natural light. “Some days it is so bright I can turn off the lights and work quite comfortably with the sun as my only source. How’s that for sustainability?” she said. The Carnegie Building was renovated in 2016

mrdc office space

Facilities Project Manager Cary Ogletree and recently retired Facilities Coordinator Dorothy McDuffie, in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, occupy a “floating” work space in the atrium of the J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building. The space, formerly a computer lab, was turned into an office in 2013.