Top Tips for the Career Fair

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Top Tips for the Career Fair

By Julia Faherty Updated January 15, 2019

The career fair is a great opportunity to speak with representatives from nearly 200 top companies hiring for co-ops, internships, and full-time positions.

This spring's fair will take place Jan. 16–17 at McCamish Pavilion. To make a great impression at the fair, we asked alumni, career planning professionals, and students about the best ways to prepare for a career fair. Take a look at their tips below.

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"Do your research on any company that you even have a slight interest in. You should know their mission and what they look for in employees. Also, treat every encounter with a recruiter as an opportunity to learn more about the company. Don’t get wrapped up in how you can convince them that you are the best student out there — instead, make it a conversation and be engaging."

— Morgan Stephens, 2018 biomedical engineering graduate

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Career Planning Professionals

"Prepare for it. Preparation is key before attending a career fair. Make sure your resume is professional and highlights relevant skills and experiences. 

Review the career fair layout and have a plan. The scale of the fair can be intimidating and overwhelming if you do not have a plan. Use the Jobs and Careers by Symplicity app to identify your top 10 companies you want to visit.

Research participating companies. Knowing who the participating companies are and what they are looking for is important. Browsing and researching the companies ahead of time can provide a marketable advantage to candidates. A list of companies is available here. Find out what positions the participating companies are recruiting for by navigating the list of jobs in CareerBuzz. 

Know your elevato​r pitch. Articulating the value you bring and showcasing your skills and experiences can distinguish you as a candidate."

— Andrea Comsa, Senior Director of Career Education at Center for Career Discovery & Development


"Master the first impression. Dress the part, nail the handshake, make eye contact, and practice your pitch before you go! Don't wing it."

— Kate Zepernick, Corporate Relations Manager, Scheller College of Business

“There’s something for every student of every major and year at the Career Fair. If you get there and talk to someone who is looking for computer science students and you're a liberal arts major, for example, ask if they have recruiter colleagues you could contact about opportunities in other areas of their business.”

— Richard South, Corporate Partnership program manager, Center for Career Discovery and Development

Student Leaders

"Any experience is valuable, but for each experience, don't just focus on what you did or what your role encompassed — instead, highlight what you accomplished and what your impact was. Metrics will help your resume stand out!"

— Mahati Vavilala, fourth-year industrial and systems engineering major and computer science minor, and vice president of Professional Planning for the Georgia Tech Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

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"I'd say that the most important thing when talking to a recruiter is to exude passion, excitement, and confidence when talking about your classes and relevant work experience. Recruiters are people too, and creating an active and engaging conversation is key in making yourself a more memorable candidate."

— Elizabeth McConnell, fifth-year computer science major, president of the Career Fair Committee

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"To underclassmen: Don't be afraid that you may not be as seasoned as your more experienced peers. Practice your elevator pitch and go in to make connections to truly learn about a company. It never hurts to try, and you never know what will happen!"

— Judy Xie, fourth-year chemical engineering major, president of the Student Alumni Association

Miscellaneous Tips

Georgia Tech Campus Closet offers free suit rentals. Visit their website for more information on how to borrow from their selection of business attire.

Campus parking will be adjusted from Jan. 16–17 due to the All Majors Career Fair. To avoid parking congestion, students are encouraged to walk or use campus transit when traveling to the fair.

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