The Race Continues: Undergraduate SGA Election Updates

The presidential and vice presidential elections of the Undergraduate Student Government Association culminated in a tie. Two pairs of candidates Anju Suresh and Ben Nickel, and Nagela Nukuna and Shane Mudrinich —were announced to have tied the evening of

Both pairs of candidates received 30 percent of the student vote, with a total of 3,296 students participating. Elections for the runoff will re-open on Friday, April 15, at 1 p.m. and close on April 19 at 4 p.m. Winners will be announced that day at 6 p.m. Students can vote through

While the position for president and vice president remains undetermined, the following representatives were clearly decided by the recent elections:

Sophomore Class Representatives:

  • Ayodeju Aldesanmi
  • Alex Casado
  •  Zoe Sieling
  • Jessica Stelzel  

Junior Class Representatives:

  • Niklas Dorsch
  • Francesca Lidback
  • Zachary Matthews
  • Leo Zheng

Senior Class Representatives:

  • Philip Bale
  • Jared Metzger
  • Amanda Reynolds
  • Mathew Samuels

School of Architecture:

  • Sarah Tropper

School of Industrial Design:

  • Eleanor Cheyne

College of Computing:

  • Xavier Galloway
  • Craig Owenby

School of Aerospace Engineering

  • Mahalakshmi Srinivasan

Department of Biomedical Engineering:

  • Ryan Dunn
  • Emily Henselder

School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering:

  • Dana Krzyzaniak

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

  • Clay McKinney

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering:

  • Luke LeFeve
  • Dillon Notz

School of Industrial and Systems Engineering:

  • Andre Evans
  • Preet Shah

School of Materials Science and Engineering:

  • Kevin Low

School of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Rachel Chau
  • Macon Magee

School of Modern Languages:

  • Nicolas Laconico

School of Economics:

  • Apollo Liu

School of International Affairs:

  • Evan Long

School of Literature, Media, and Communication:

  • Lexie Scott

School of Biology:

  • Natalie Seman

School of Chemistry and Biochemistry:

  • Celeste Runnels

School of Mathematics:

  • Jason Kolbush

School of Physics:

  • Zachary Wilken

School of Pyschology:

  • Catherine Stephens

Scheller College of Business:

  • Brendan Jones
  • Taylor Spuhler

Athletics Representative:

  • Alex Grady

Co-op Representative:

  • Norris Nicholson

Representative positions are still available for the School of History and Sociology, the School of Public Policy, the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and the School of Mechanical Engineering. Students interested in applying for these spots should submit their name to the Speaker of the House, beginning April 19. More information will follow at and  

Students can also get involved in SGA by serving on the Executive Cabinet. Anyone interested in a position should fill out the online application by Friday, April 22. Interviews will follow.