The Month in Photos: March 2020

The Month in Photos: March 2020

Guthman Competition, STAR Particles Research, and InVenture Prize

The month of March started out much like any other, but just before Spring Break, things took an unprecedented turn as the global coronavirus outbreak reached the U.S. — and Georgia Tech's campus.


Guthman 2020

More than 100 applicants from 20 countries applied for this year's Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, presented by the School of Music in the College of Design, with 10 competition finalists demonstrating their instruments at a concert. First place and the People's Choice Award went to the ElectroSpit, created by Bosko (pictured). The instrument reimagines the classic talkbox as a portable device paired with a smartphone. Photo taken March 9 by the College of Design.


Mark Prausnitz and Andrew Tadros

A new skin therapy, using a skin cream infused with microscopic STAR particles and a therapeutic drug, could facilitate better treatment of skin diseases including psoriasis, warts, and certain types of skin cancer. Pictured are Georgia Tech Professor Mark Prausnitz and postdoctoral scholar Andrew Tadros holding samples of the STAR particles. Photo by Candler Hobbs.


George "Roy" Bethune holding his Georgia Tech yearbook

Georgia Tech's oldest living alumnus, George "Roy" Bethune, turned 106 on March 10. At Tech he was a member of the Briarean Society, and he had a co-op job with Goodyear before graduating in 1937 with a bachelor's degree in Textile engineering. He is pictured in his Cartersville, Georgia, home with his Georgia Tech yearbook. Photo taken by Scott Dinerman.


Queues, winner of the 2020 InVenture Prize competition

An app that helps students find the shortest route to their next meal on campus took first place at the 2020 InVenture Prize competition. Queues collects and shares data on wait times at popular dining sports through a mobile app and tablets at the end of lines. The app was created by computer science majors Sohan Choudhury, Jarod Schneider, Michael Verges, and Samuel Porta, plus industrial and systems engineering major Akshay Patel. Photo taken March 11 by Christopher Moore.


Facilities staff member uses a disinfecting fogger.

Georgia Tech custodial staff have altered their cleaning practices to focus more on surface cleanliness and disinfection, particularly in common areas. This includes augmenting the green cleaning protocol to include Lysol spray and Clorox disinfecting wipes, which are CDC- and EPA-approved for human coronavirus, and increasing the use of disinfecting foggers (pictured) that are typically used in high-traffic areas. The fogger machines are an added safeguarding initiative. This process has been applied routinely in the Campus Recreation Center, Clough Commons, and the Kirk Landon childcare center for several years. The disinfectant has a fast evaporation rate, leaving no residue or odor behind. Photo taken March 11 by Christopher Moore.


Rosa Parks statue in Harrison Square

The Rosa Parks statue, titled Continuing the Conversation, sits in uncharacteristically quiet Harrison Square. Photo taken March 22 by Victor Rogers.

Photography: Allison Carter, Rob Felt, and Christopher Moore
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman

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