The Month in Photos: September 2020

Redesigned Face Mask, Institute Address, and Staff Appreciation

This photo essay series has been on hiatus since March, when the coronavirus pandemic reached Georgia Tech. Now, as Tech continues to move forward, we are pleased to get back to highlighting activities on campus.


redesigned face mask

Georgia Tech researchers have designed a face mask that is comfortable enough to wear all day, and stays in place without frequent adjustment. Professor Sundaresan Jayaraman and principal research scientist Sungmee Park wear prototypes of their redesigned face mask. Photo taken Sept. 3 by Christopher Moore.


President Cabrera at GT 1000

  President Ángel Cabrera talks with students in GT 1000, the Institute's first-year seminar course that supports the retention and success of first-year students. Photo taken Sept. 11 by Rob Felt.


Community Garden

 Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS) pulled summer weeds in the Georgia Tech Community Garden near the new Student Center. SOS is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting awareness and implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable practices on campus and in the Atlanta community. Photo taken Sept. 10 by Students Organizing for Sustainability.


Georgia Tech vs. Florida State

On Saturday, Sept. 12, the Yellow Jackets defeated Florida State, 16-3. Georgia Tech opened the season with a conference road win for the first time since beating NC State 28-16 to start the 1996 season. Photo by Georgia Tech Athletics.


President Cabrera - Institute Address 2020

  President Ángel Cabrera delivered the annual Institute Address on Tuesday, Sept. 22, to nearly 5,000 viewers on YouTube and to a physically distanced and masked audience in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. Photo by Rob Felt.


ultra-low-cost hearing aid

 Tech researchers have designed an ultra-low-cost hearing aid that could address age-related hearing loss. Georgia Tech Assistant Professor M. Saad Bhamla led a research team to develop the LoCHAid, a hearing aid built with a 3D-printed case and components that cost less than $1. Photo taken Sept. 23 by Craig Bromley.


Assistant Professor Lelia Glass in Harrison Square

Transfer Lelia Glass, assistant professor in the School of Modern Languages, took her students to Harrison Square to enjoy the fall weather. The class is Ling 4015: Advanced Topics in Language Processing, which examines the topic of language and computers. The hybrid class usually meets online with a few in-person meetings where students focus on group work and social interaction. Photo taken Oct. 1 by Christopher Moore.



Staff Appreciation Day 2020

 Georgia Tech's Staff Council hosted the first-ever Staff Appreciation Day, with food, music, and giveaways. Photo taken Oct. 1 by Allison Carter.


Abi Ivemeyer driving the Wreck

Abi Ivemeyer drives the Wreck before the University of Central Florida Game. Photo taken Sept. 19 by Danny Karnik.




Photography: Allison Carter, Rob Felt, and Christopher Moore
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman

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