The Beltline Impact

The Beltline Impact - How a Georgia Tech student changed Atlanta forever

The Beltline Impact

Updated in September 2016 to include construction progress. Read more about the BeltLine in the New York Times: “A Glorified Sidewalk, and the Path to Transform Atlanta

Ryan Gravel wrote his Georgia Tech master’s thesis, Belt Line – Atlanta: Design of Infrastructure as a Reflection of Public Policy, never dreaming (well, maybe a little) that it would actually go anywhere. But it has, and it’s taking Atlanta along with it – to a place that’s more physically active, more economically prosperous, more creatively engaged, and more community-oriented than before.

Scroll down to come along with us as we explore the many facets of Atlanta's game-changing BeltLine…


Writers: Karina Timmel Antenucci, Ann Hoevel, Fletcher Moore, Margaret Tate, Jennifer Tomasino

Photos: Atlanta Beltline, Inc., Rob Felt, Billy Gantt, Christopher T. Martin, Rod Pittam, Matthew Rond, Jon Whittaker, Toni Marie Young

Videography: Adam Karcz, Fletcher Moore

Digital Design: Brett Lorber, Katharine Russell, Jennifer Tomasino