Campus Leaf Peeping

leaf peeping

Campus Leaf Peeping

By Kristen Bailey NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Fall is known for its outstanding foliage, and many people take trips to the mountains or certain areas of the country expressly to look at leaves. 

You don’t have to leave Georgia Tech for excellent leaf peeping, though. All over campus, leaves are turning to warm shades of red, orange, and — of course — gold. 

red leaves

Red leaves on an Overcup Oak near the MRDC

overcup oak

Georgia Tech's Arboretum signage helps identify and learn about the various species on campus

yellow leaves

Shades of gold near the Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex (MRDC)

tech tower among leaves

Tech Tower peeks out from behind a Japanese Maple

red leaves on green background

Red leaves stand out in front of green ones near Tech Tower

shades of leaves

On Ferst Drive near the Campus Recreation Center

students walk among leaves

Students walk near the Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex

Take your own tour of campus color before all the leaves have hit the ground.