hidden georgia tech bio prep lab

By Victor Rogers october 28, 2019

Across the Georgia Tech campus, hidden spaces and forgotten places await rediscovery. Some are relics of an earlier time, difficult to find and explore. Others are very much in view but often overlooked. Hidden Georgia Tech is a photo essay series highlighting places on campus that are hidden in plain sight.

Biological Sciences Prep Lab

As you might expect from Georgia Tech, over the years biology lab courses have adopted more innovative teaching techniques. They have embraced the inquiry-based model of lab education where students have greater freedom to design experiments, investigate real-world problems, and participate in ongoing research projects. This new focus is a move away from traditional lab activities that rely heavily on memorization. As a result, many biology lab courses are shifting away from older teaching tools, including specimens preserved in liquid, prepared microscope slides, animal skulls, and anatomical models. This means that collections of vintage equipment like the one in the Biological Sciences Prep Lab, also known as the “Biology Prep Lab” and located in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, are increasingly rare.

Let’s peek inside the cabinets, open a few drawers, and see what we can find.

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Writer: Victor Rogers
Photographer: Rob Felt

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