Hidden Georgia Tech: The Cistern System at Tech Green

tech green with door

Hidden Georgia Tech: The Cistern System at Tech Green

By Victor Rogers NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Across the Georgia Tech campus, hidden spaces and forgotten places await rediscovery. Some are relics of an earlier time, difficult to find and explore. Others are very much in view, but often overlooked. Hidden Georgia Tech is a photo essay series highlighting places on campus that are hidden in plain sight.


In the heart of campus, west of Clough Commons, is a 3.2-acre green space called Tech Green. The open space is a prime location for celebrations of all sorts, throwing a Frisbee, or just relaxing. 

While there’s usually something happening on Tech Green, a different kind of activity is taking place a few feet below — in a 1.4-million-gallon underground cistern system.

Let’s go down under. 

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Writer: Victor Rogers
Photographer: Rob Felt
Digital Designer: Melanie Goux

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