Hidden Georgia Tech: The Cleanroom

the cleanroom

Hidden Georgia Tech: The Cleanroom

By Victor Rogers April 16, 2018

Across the Georgia Tech campus, hidden spaces and forgotten places await rediscovery. Some are relics of an earlier time, difficult to find and explore. Others are very much in view, but often overlooked. Hidden Georgia Tech is a photo-essay series highlighting places on campus that are hidden in plain sight.

The Cleanroom

The Marcus Nanotechnology Building is the headquarters for the Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology, one of Georgia Tech's Interdisciplinary Research Institutes.

The building is home to the largest cleanroom laboratory dedicated to the fabrication, characterization, and assembly of biomedical and semiconductor devices in the Southeast United States. The facility is available for use by Georgia Tech researchers and others at a cost of $20 per hour.

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Writer: Victor Rogers
Photographer: Allison Carter

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