Hidden Georgia Tech: Surplus Property

hidden georgia tech - surplus property

Hidden Georgia Tech: Surplus Property

By Victor Rogers august 14, 2019

Across the Georgia Tech campus, hidden spaces and forgotten places await rediscovery. Some are relics of an earlier time, difficult to find and explore. Others are very much in view but often overlooked. Hidden Georgia Tech is a photo-essay series highlighting places on campus that are hidden in plain sight.

Surplus Property

When a Georgia Tech department purchases new furniture or office equipment, what happens to the furniture and equipment that’s no longer needed? Because it is state property, it cannot be sold, surplussed, or transferred from Georgia Tech without the approval of Surplus Property. As a result, many items are held in the Surplus Property area of Procurement and Business Services, located at 711 Marietta Street, until they find a new home.

Let’s take a look.

For details about how property is retired at Tech, or to schedule a visit to the surplus warehouse, visit procurement.gatech.edu/logistics.

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Writer: Victor Rogers
Photographer: Rob Felt

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