International Food Fest

International Food Fest  - Digital Cookbook

International Food Fest

Most days, Tech’s diversity is evident just by walking around campus. One day a year, though, you can actually taste it.

Each spring, the International Food Fest lets the campus community try native dishes from cultures around the world right in the middle of campus. The food is prepared by student groups that dedicate themselves year-round to celebrating their own cultures and heritage.

Students spent Sunday cooking to prepare to serve campus today on Tech Walk from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch is $5 per person.

Food Fest kicks off this year's Culture Fest, which is jointly hosted by Global Jackets and the Office of International Education and continues through April 6. Other events include trivia, film screenings, sporting events, a karaoke night, language café, and sporting activities. View a full list from the Office of International Education.

The student groups participating in Food Fest have been kind enough to share recipes for their dishes. Read on to learn how to incorporate Tech’s global culture into your own kitchen.

Arab Student Organization

The Arab Student Organization promotes Arab culture and the Arabic language among the student and local community. Learn more at

Kafta with Rice


Fattoush with Hummus and Pita Bread

Brazilian Student Association

The Brazilian Student Association promotes Brazilian culture to the Georgia Tech community and provides academic and professional support to its members, with the goal of creating a bridge between Brazil and the U.S.



Caribbean Students Association

The Caribbean Students Association is dedicated to providing a setting for educational and social gatherings that promote cultural awareness. The group encourages diversity on campus by providing ways to experience the Caribbean culture through music, food, history, art, and traditions.

food fest - caribbean potato pie


food fest - caribbean spice cake

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association is focused on spreading knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture.

food fest - spare ribs

Georgia Tech International Ambassadors

Georgia Tech International Ambassadors was founded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission in 2012. The group works to promote an accurate and holistic view of the Institute around the world, encourage talented and qualified individuals to apply to Georgia Tech, and encourage admitted students to enroll at Georgia Tech.

food fest - spring rolls

Pakistani Students Association

The Pakistani Students Association promotes Pakistani culture amongs both Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis, represents Pakistan in functions with international orientation, and holds events to display Pakistani art and culture to the Georgia Tech community.

food fest - tandoori chicken

food fest - chickpea salad