The Inventure Effect

Last year’s InVenture Prize finalists are working around the clock to bring their innovative solutions into the marketplace.

Published December 31, 2019

Soon entering its 12th year, the InVenture Prize at Georgia Tech is a groundbreaking competition that exacts months of intensive work from participants. It also provides them with invaluable guidance in design, collaboration, and marketing, and along the way they develop skills that will prepare them for real-world entrepreneurship.

But for some, making it to the finals — and even finishing in first place — is only the beginning.

What does success mean for those teams? Generally, it translates into even longer hours and harder work as students take their products from the realm of the possible into the realities of the market.

Here’s a look at what last year’s finalists, People’s Choice Award winner, and first- and second-place finishers are doing now.


The Finger Flyer drone

Finger flyer team

Finger Flyer team members Austin Condict and Jacob Parker.

Finger Flyer


“It’s the most intuitive thing that no one’s ever thought of.”

What is it?
A finger-controlled quadcopter drone.

The team is working on improving user experience and increasing personalization options. They anticipate releasing the product soon, patent pending.


Video: The custom-fitted drones created by Finger Flyer can be controlled through the use of fingers or hands — not a remote control.

tools illustration


Unfoldit app screen

Unfoldit team

Unfoldit team members Max Brauer, Ryan Miles, Jackie Elliot, Cliff Panos, and Michael Xu.




“If it’s not fun to do, no one’s ever going to pick it up and use it.”

What is it?
A gaming app that provides entertainment while also enhancing cognitive development and spatial reasoning.

Unfoldit is focused on increasing user accessibility and creating new features to enhance user experience. The team plans to release an Android version in early 2020.


Video: This group of computer science majors developed a mobile app that prepares users for tests assessing spatial awareness. It's also really fun.

tools illustration


a hand offering cigarettes and another hand gesturing no

Nix team

Nix team members Mohammed Aamir, Robert Patterson, and Cory Stine.



(People’s Choice Award)

“Instead of keeping you addicted to nicotine, it helps you quit.”

What is it?
An e-cigarette that automatically tapers users’ nicotine intake.

They are currently finalizing the fully functional prototype; their website allows consumers to preorder the device for delivery in early 2020.


Video: Nix inventors introduce their invention aimed at helping reduce nicotine dependency.

tools illustration


Two prototypes of the Tremor Trainer glove

Tremor Trainer team

TremorTrainer team members Colten Spivey, Nicolette Prevost, and Nisha Goddard.



(Second Place)

“For every user we talk to, there’s something new that this can help them with.”

What is it?
A weighted glove to help patients suffering from hand tremors carry out everyday tasks.

Having completed the packaging design, TremorTrainer is working on a patent while also making the glove more accessible and personalized.


Video: TremorTrainer is a weighted glove that helps patients with their fine motor skills, which can be impaired by hand tremors.

tools illustration


Composite image of CAD rendering of device plus a sonogram of how it enters the body

Ethos medical team

Ethos Medical team members Cassidy Wang, Dev Mandavia, and Lucas Muller.


Ethos Medical

(First Place)

“We’re trying to give physicians X-ray vision, in the most realistic way possible.” 

What is it?
An ultrasound-guided needle system designed to make spinal punctures safer, more accurate, and less painful.

The winning team has produced a needle device, Iris, which works in tandem with a commonly used portable ultrasound. They are developing a business model to sell the device to hospitals.


Video: Three engineering graduates constructed a handheld medical device to help guide the placement of needles used in spinal procedures.

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