This Month in Photos: July 2019

This Month in Photos: July 2019

Happiness classes, a new Police Department building, and tiny robots.

Irene Daboin and Happiness Class

Irene Daboin, coordinator of Georgia Tech Counseling Center's Peer Coaching Program, teaches Psychology and the Pursuit of Happiness. Photo taken July 1 by Allison Carter.


Grant Field being aerated

A groundskeeper core aerates Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium, July 8. The first home game is September 7. Photo by Christopher Moore.  


GT Police and Beringause Family

The Georgia Tech Police Department names its community room for the late Sgt. Gary Beringause who was killed in the line of duty in 1986. On hand for the ceremony were, from left, his son, Allen Beringause; his widow, Julith Beringause; and his son, Sean Beringause. Photo taken July 11 by Rob Felt.


Student Services and the Petersons

 The Division of Student Life presents the Friends of Student Life Award to President G.P. "Bud" Peterson and first lady Val Peterson on July 11 in the atrium of the Smithgall Student Services Building. The inscription reads "Thank you for your passionate support of Student Life and Georgia Tech students." Photo by Allison Carter.


Diley Hernandez

Student Antoinette Robinson, left, explains how she made a music track from plastic objects during the Pursuing Urban Sustainability at Home summer camp, July 11. Diley Hernandez (right), senior research scientist with CEISMC, helped facilitate the camp. Photo by Allison Carter.


tiny robot 

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a tiny robot that is barely visible. The micro-bristle-bot moves when vibrations interact with its 3D-printed legs. Swarms of micro-bristle-bots could work together, and one day may be able to swim through the body to attack disease. Photo taken July 11 by Allison Carter.


economic development forum

Georgia Tech President G.P. "Bud" Peterson; Ralph de la Vega, former vice chairman of AT&T Inc.; and Parmeet Grover, senior partner and managing director, The Boston Consulting Group during an economic development forum at The Biltmore on July 31. Photo by Rob Felt. 

Photography: Allison Carter, Rob Felt, and Christopher Moore
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman

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