This Month in Photos: March 2019

This Month in Photos: March 2019

This Month in Photos

March 2019

Guthman Competition, InVenture Prize, and Spring Arrival. 

Camilla in lounge

Camilla Brewer is coordinator of the LGBTQIA Resource Center. Located in the Smithgall Student Services Building, the center is part of a campus network, including the Path Forward - Together initiative, to support the student body. Photo taken March 4 by Allison Carter.


Air Sticks at Guthman

 Alon Ilsar of Sydney, Australia, was awarded Best Performance and Best Instrument in the 2019 Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition for Air Sticks. The instrument combines the physicality of drumming with the unlimited possibilities of computer music, morphing 3D space around the user into a playable area. Taken March 9 by Ge Wang.  


Quentin Holden

 Quentin Holden, certified tree surgeon with Facilities, trims trees on east campus. Photo taken March 12 by Allison Carter.


Coda building

 The Coda Building in Tech Square boasts numerous workspaces, meeting rooms, and the world's tallest spiral staircase. Groups that will have employees in Coda include the Office of Information Technology, Georgia Tech Research Institute, and researchers from multiple colleges. Photo taken March 15 by Christopher Moore.


Coda building

  The 21-story Coda Building, with its many shared spaces, has spectacular views of the city. Photo taken March 20 by Rob Felt.


InVenture GPB 2019 

  The Robert Ferst Center for the Arts was transformed into a television studio for the 2019 Georgia Tech InVenture Prize competition. Ethos Medical, a team of three engineering students, took the top prize and $20,000. The team, using ultrasound technology and a custom-built guidance tool, invented a system to help physicians guide needles into the spine accurately. Photo taken March 13 by Dalton Touchberry.


Georgia Tech and APD

      Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Police Department partnered on a year-long project to reconfigure patrol areas across the city. The goal is to reduce police officer response times to calls for assistance. Pictured are Major John Quigley and Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Yao Xie. Photo by Allison Carter.

Casey Gomez

       Casey Gomez, a chemical engineering major graduating in May, models the undergraduate regalia. Photo taken March 15 by Rob Felt.


Cherry blossoms on Cherry Street

First day of spring: cherry tree blooms on Cherry Street in front of the D.M. Smith Building. Photo taken March 20 by Allison Carter.


Aileen Morales

 Aileen Morales, former Yellow Jacket softball standout, is now head coach for Georgia Tech Softball. Photo by Allison Carter.


Photography: Allison Carter, Rob Felt, and Christopher Moore
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman

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