This Month in Photos: October 2018

This Month in Photos: October 2018

This Month in Photos

October 2018

Study Abroad, Homecoming, and Smashing Pumpkins.


OIE Study Abroad Fair

The Office of International Education's annual Study Abroad Fair showcased nearly 130 international education opportunities, Oct. 2. Photo by Allison Carter. 


Betsy DeVos

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited Georgia Tech as part of the "Rethink School" tour, Oct. 3. Photo by Rob Felt. 


Interior designers

Tech's Design & Construction Department has three senior interior designers (L-R): Allison Gerstung, Reagan Donley, and Polly Patton. Their work spans the campus, including the colleges, athletics, and Campus Services, Oct. 5. Photo by Allison Carter.


Women @ Tech

Institute Diversity's Leading Women @ Tech facilitates women's professional development and academic and administrative leadership. Participants grow their leadership skills, cultivate greater self-awareness, and connect with other leaders, Oct. 11. Photo by Allison Carter.


Mini 500 2018

A Homecoming Tradition: Students rode laps around Peters Parking Deck on miniature tricycles for the annual Mini 500, Oct. 12. Photo by Yash Tulsiani.


Mr and Ms Georgia Tech 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Georgia Tech, James Ni and Hannah Todd, at Homecoming, Oct. 13. Photo by Christopher Moore.


Esmeralda Santiago

The inaugural Hispanic Heritage Month Lecture featured Esmeralda Santiago (left), author, screenwriter, and essayist who discussed "Latinx Community Activism in Contemporary America," Oct. 17. Photo by Allison Carter.


Colin Potts steam whistle

Colin Potts, vice provost for Undergraduate Education, looks out his window in the A. French Building as the steam whistle blows, Oct. 19. Photo by Allison Carter.


carved pumpkin 2018

First-year students in the School of Industrial Design carved pumpkins in the style of famous designers, Oct. 25. Photo by Steven Norris.


Student Competition Center

Wreck Racing recently won second place in the annual Grassroots Motorsports Competition. The student team is shown working on the 1987 BMW 5 Series at the Student Competition Center on 14th Street, Oct. 30. Photo by Allison Carter.


smashing pumpkins

The Society of Physics Students and the Society of Women in Physics hosted their annual Pumpkin Smash Fundraiser on Halloween. Each pumpkin was sponsored for $100, primarily by physics faculty, for the chance to be carved and then tossed from the Georgia Tech Observatory atop the Howey Physics Building. Ed Greco, academic professional, is shown throwing pumpkins from the roof, Oct. 31. Photo by Allison Carter.

Photography: Allison Carter, Rob Felt, and Christopher Moore
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman

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