One Small Steppe

Five Georgia Tech students are participating in the 10,000-mile Mongolia Charity Rally across Europe and Asia.

One Small Steppe

Published July 7, 2017

Two continents. Six mountain ranges. Two deserts. 23 countries.

And the ride of a lifetime.

Beginning in Brussels, Belgium and ending in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, five Georgia Tech students have embarked on a five-week journey as part of the Mongolia Charity Rally. A 10,000 mile trek across Europe and Asia, the Mongolia Charity Rally promotes charitable giving while also providing participants with an unforgettable journey. The team is comprised of Mitch Hotop, Jonathan Murphy, Rohan Iyer, Tony Chirumbole and Gunner Robinson. These Yellow Jackets are making the cross-continental trip in an ambulance, dubbed the "Rambulance," that will be donated at the completion of the journey.

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Follow team One Small Steppe's journey live via GPS tracking here:

In order to participate in the Mongolia Charity Rally, the team had to raise $1,200 for Go Help, a United Kingdom based adventure charity that is committed to supporting the development of charitable adventuring. Go Help works with local communities in Central Asia and Central America to improve their access to education and healthcare services. Through the Mongolia Charity Rally, Go Help has donated ambulances to hospitals and clinics throughout Mongolia, especially in the rural countryside regions where healthcare vehicles and supplies are scarce.

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