The Pi Mile Road Race

Pi Mile Road Race

The Pi Mile Road Race

Weaving through the Georgia Tech campus since 1972, the annual Dean George C. Griffin Pi Mile Road Race is one of the longest “running” 5Ks in Atlanta.

Part of the race traverses the Tyler Brown Pi Mile Trail, a 3.14-mile course named for a former SGA president — and avid runner — who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004.

Watch these videos to experience the 3.14159265359 miles Georgia Tech tradition without leaving your couch.

Full Race Experience

Time Lapse Video: From the Starting Gun to the Finish Line


GoPro Videographer and Race Runner: Adam Karcz
Videographers: Micah Evanson, Maxwell Guberman, and Troy Robinson
Graphics: Brett Lorber
Editors: Margaret Tate, Jennifer Tomasino