Stamps President's Scholars Tech Trek



Enthralling. Challenging. Meaningful: Stamps President's Scholars describe their first-year retreat experience.


Since 1981, Georgia Tech has been offering the prestigious Stamps President’s Scholarship (SPS) to the top 1 percent of first-year students based on their potential to excel within the scholarship program's four pillars: scholarship, leadership, progress, and service.

Among the benefits SPS Scholars enjoy is the chance to participate with their SPS peers in a remote outdoor leadership adventure, run by Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech (ORGT), known as SPS Tech Trek. This experience exposes them to real-life challenges, driving them to develop and draw upon a host of critical abilities such as team-building, decision-making, problem-solving, and other life skills that will help set them up for success at Tech.

As an extended orientation experience, ORGT also offers Tech Trek to other first-year students during the summer immediately preceding the start of their fall classes.


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