TECH+knowledge+Y: Phantom Vibrations

TECH + knowledge + Y

TECH+knowledge+Y: Phantom Vibrations


What is phantom vibration syndrome? If black holes are invisible and emit no light, how can scientists see and study them? You’ve heard of science fiction, but what about “skiffy” (spoiler alert: flying sharks!)?

These are among the questions and topics Georgia Tech researchers will answer and address in the Institute’s new, bi-monthly video series: TECH+knowledge+Y.

Faculty members from each of the Institute’s six colleges will explain new findings and studies, or simply break down complex topics in easy-to-understand terms. Their short videos will include graphics and animations, giving viewers something new or different to think about. From Mars, to cyberhacks, to the cool effects of lightning — what does Georgia Tech think? You’re about to see.

First up: those phantom phone vibrations in your pocket. Have you ever felt your cell phone vibrating, only to pull it out and see no reason for it? Here’s why:
Video: click to play

Video: What is phantom vibration syndrome? - click to play

Writer, Videographer
Jason Maderer

Creative Director
Melanie Goux

TECH+knowledge+Y is a series featuring Georgia Tech faculty members explaining complex topics in simple terms. From black holes to earthquakes to the secret language of science fiction, you’ll learn about it in this monthly video series.

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