GT Full Circle


GT Full Circle

Georgia Tech is a global community of more than 20,000 students and nearly 125,000 alumni. To celebrate International Education Week, we are sharing our stories from around the globe.

Developing Global Leaders

Bill George helps Georgia Tech students expand their horizons.

Everest Expedition

Twelve Georgia Tech students trek towards the top of the world. 

Be More Pacific

Maggie Bridges travels with Georgia Tech’s Pacific Program.

You Can Do That (in China)!

Even on the other side of the globe, Nick Selby is recognized after his YouTube viral hit.

One Helluva Trip

Three Georgia Tech Students Drive 8,209 Miles from London to Mongolia.

Ramblin’ Around the World

Explore the planet on trips planned and organized by Georgia Tech Alumni Travel.

Global Disease Warrior

Dr. Manu Platt wages war against ailments that afflict millions worldwide.

Solving a Global Crisis

Jasmine Burton travels to Kenya to test a toilet that could save millions of lives.

Office Hours in the Ocean

Georgia Tech professor SCUBAs deep into the Pacific blue year after year to study climate.