Hollister Lab Develops 3D Printing for Soft Tissue Engineering

Researchers use architected auxetics to achieve 300 times more flexibility in new 3D printing design.

A Rare Genetic Spotlight on Health Disparities for IBD

In a new study, Georgia Tech researchers investigated whether 25 rare gene variants known to be associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) play a role in risk for African Americans.

Coskun Receives $1.86 Million NIH MIRA Award to Map Spatial Molecular Neighborhoods

Georgia Tech researcher plans to probe subcellular and cellular organization, counting molecular neighborhoods and building to better understand the spatial organization of cells.

Three Tech Projects Tackle Cancer With ARPA-H Support

Federal Research Awards Total $119 Million

New Water Treatment Approach Helps to Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers developed the minus approach to handle these harmful byproducts.

Common Probiotic Bacteria Could Help Boost Protection Against Influenza

A newly funded research project might one day lead to the development of a pill or capsule able to boost the effectiveness of traditional vaccines against influenza

Finding Flicker’s Therapeutic Pathway

Researchers probe the mechanisms underlying the rhythmic dance that recruits the brain’s immune system

Karmella Haynes Leads Exploration of the Genome’s Dark Regions

National Science Foundation supporting research into the mysteries and mechanisms of noncoding RNA

CEE Researchers Awarded $2.1 Million Grant to Ensure Cleaner, Safer Drinking Water

The EPA is funding the research on the occurrence and concentration of pathogens and disinfection by-products and the environmental conditions favorable to their growth in drinking water distribution systems.

BME Researchers Lead $24M Project Using mRNA to ‘Turn On’ Helpful Immune Responses

Philip Santangelo wants to build a toolbox of mRNA drugs to activate or shut off specific genes to help the immune system fight cancer and other disorders.