Microscopic STAR Particles Offer New Potential Treatment for Skin Diseases

Atlanta, GA

A new therapy using a skin cream infused with microscopic STAR particles and a therapeutic drug could facilitate better treatment of skin diseases.

Shimon: Now a Singing, Songwriting Robot

Atlanta, GA

The marimba-playing robot Shimon uses deep learning to compose lyrics and melodies with human collaborators and a synthesized voice to sing.

New Process For Preserving Lumber Could Offer Advantages Over Pressure Treating

Atlanta, GA

Researchers have developed a new method that could one day replace pressure treating for preserving wood.

Harrison Family Supports Poultry Technology at Georgia Tech Research Institute

Atlanta, GA

ATRP receives boost to expand its programming and support more students.

The Human Brain’s Meticulous Interface with the Bloodstream now on a Precision Chip

Atlanta, GA

This blood-brain barrier on a chip represents important features more accurately than animal models and previous chips

Changing the Conversation: Georgia Tech Researchers Provide New Approach to Automated Story Generation

Atlanta, GA

Research from Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing provides a novel approach that improves the combination of automated story generation with natural language.

Flickering Light Mobilizes Brain Chemistry That May Fight Alzheimer’s

Atlanta, GA

The hope of flickering light to treat Alzheimer's takes another step forward in this new study, which reveals stark biochemical mechanisms.

Georgia Tech Joins MIT-led Digital Credentials Consortium, Co-Authors New Report on Digital Credentials of the Future

Cambridge, Mass.

Georgia Tech has joined MIT and 10 other international universities as founding members of the Digital Credentials Consortium, a collaborative, intercollegiate research and design group focused on the creation of verifiable digital credentials.

Abdallah Testifies on U.S. Competitiveness, Research, STEM Pipeline at Congressional Hearing

Atlanta, GA

Chaouki Abdallah testified before a U.S. House of Representatives committee about the cooperative U.S. research and development enterprise.

Robotic Submarine Snaps First-Ever Images at Foundation of Notorious Antarctic Glacier

Atlanta, GA

These are the first-ever images taken at the foundations of the glacier that inspires more fear of sea-level rise than any other - Thwaites Glacier.