Unraveling the Physics of Knitting

The researchers have taken the age-old technical know-how of knitting and added mathematical backing to it.

Alert: DUO Authentication Scam

The Office of Information Technology alerts the Georgia Tech community to be aware of DUO two-factor authentication phone scams.

Chatbots Are Poor Multilingual Healthcare Consultants, Study Finds

Georgia Tech researchers found that chatbots are less accurate in Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi compared to English when asked health-related questions.

From Brewery to Biofilter: Making Yeast-Based Water Purification Possible

A team of Georgia Tech and MIT researchers found that discarded brewer’s yeast, when encased in hydrogel capsules, becomes a viable and inexpensive method for purifying contaminated water.

New Strategic Design Approach Focuses on Turning AI Mistakes into User Benefits

Method Provides Users Options When AI Rejects or Discriminates Against Them.

New Tool Teaches Responsible AI Practices When Using Large Language Models

Thanks to a Georgia Tech researcher's new tool, application developers can now see potential harmful attributes in their prototypes.

Georgia Tech and Meta Create Massive Open Dataset to Advance AI Solutions for Carbon Capture

The project aims to accelerate direct air capture development while significantly reducing costs.

Physicists Pioneer New Quantum Sensing Platform

The researchers’ results have created a new resource for developing next-generation, ultra-sensitive quantum electronic devices.

Pascal Van Hentenryck to Lead Georgia Tech’s AI Hub

Under Van Hentenryck, the AI Hub will focus on developing trustworthy AI for social impact in science, engineering, and education.

Researchers Blazing New Trails with Superchip Named After Computing Pioneer

Georgia Tech is one of the first research universities in the country to receive the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip from NVIDIA for testing, study, and research.