Neuroscience Study Taps Into Brain Network Patterns to Understand Deep Focus, Attention

A team of Georgia Tech researchers is the first to study the relationship between fluctuations in attention and the brain network patterns within low-frequency 20-second cycles.

John Wise Joins Neil deGrasse Tyson at 2024 Asimov Debate

Wise, a professor in the School of Physics and director of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics, spoke to how the James Webb Space Telescope has impacted astrophysics and our understanding of the formation of black holes.

Good Dog: LASSIE Spirit Learns to Walk on the Moon

Researchers at Georgia Tech have teamed up with NASA and five peer institutions to teach dog-like robots to navigate craters of the moon and other challenging planetary surfaces.

Two-Way Cell-based Treatment Repairs Muscle After Rotator Cuff Injury

New treatment helps muscle regenerate following shoulder surgery

Universal Controller Could Push Robotic Prostheses, Exoskeletons Into Real-World Use

Aaron Young’s team has developed a wear-and-go approach that requires no calibration or training.

Researchers Reveal Roadmap for AI Innovation in Brain and Language Learning

A new study co-led by Anna (Anya) Ivanova highlights how human neuroscience is paving the way for AI innovation — and what AI can teach us about ourselves.

Growing Bacteria in Space with Astronauts

Georgia Tech researchers are teaming up with NASA to study bacteria on the International Space Station to help define how scientists and healthcare professionals combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria for long-duration space missions.

Physicist Rick Trebino Awarded Optica R.W. Wood Prize

Physics professor honored for pioneering ultrashort-laser-pulse measurement techniques

New Study Discovers How Altered Protein Folding Drives Multicellular Evolution

Researchers at Georgia Tech and University of Helsinki have discovered a mechanism steering the evolution of multicellular life. They identified how altered protein folding drives multicellular evolution.

Georgia Tech Partners on $15M NSF Grant to Explore Muscle Dynamics

Co-PI Simon Sponberg will lead the Georgia Tech contingent of researchers, which aims to understand dynamic, agile movement.