Renters Need Better Policies To Cope With Natural Disasters, New Research Shows

New joint research from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Brookings Institution is some of the first to expose the disaster impact on rental housing markets.

Marking Two Years of War in Ukraine. What Does the Future Hold in Store?

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts experts assess the state of the Ukraine war on its second anniversary.

Medicaid ‘Unwinding’ Could Lead to Eviction Crisis, New School of Public Policy Research Suggests

The study examined Tennessee's 23005 trimming of its Medicaid rolls and the impact on evictions.

Prompt Engineering: The Art of Getting What You Need From Generative AI

An Ivan Allen College communicator went to prompt engineering school with Assistant Professor Yeqing Kong. In this article, she shares what she learned.

Partnership for Inclusive Innovation 2024 Summer Internship Applications Now Open

PIN's Opportunity for All – Innovation for Good Student Applications for Summer open through Feb. 11, 2024.

Everlasting African Wildfires Fueled by Aerosol Feedback

Wildfires in Africa are fueled by a feedback loop mechanism as aerosols interact with the climate

What Secrets Do Our Voices Keep?

In Georgia Tech's new Voice + Research Lab, interdisciplinary researchers explore the voices' myriad roles in music, marketing, technology, culture, medicine, and more.

Inequality in Well-Being Increasing in the United States

New research by School of Economics Associate Professor Shatakshee Dhongde combines multidimensional inequality measurements to better understand disparity in the United States.

Residential Solar Power Saves Less Energy Than Expected

This paradox is called the solar rebound effect: the ratio of the increase in energy consumption to the amount that is generated by the solar panels.

Largest Study of its Kind Shows Outdated Password Practices are Widespread

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind automated measurement tool that can assess password protection policies across the internet.