VIP Tackles Grid Resilience with Real-Time Power Outage Tracker

The database will help researchers explore questions about the causes and effects of power outages and how policy interventions can help strengthen grid resilience.

Researchers Create Winning Strategy to Combat Vaccine Misinformation on X

New analysis from Georgia Tech indicates that a phenomenon known as social correction may help to counter false and misleading onloine claims.

AI4GA Lays Groundwork for NSF-funded Nationwide K-12 AI Curriculum

Working on a multi-institutional team of investigators, Georgia Tech researchers have helped the state of Georgia become the epicenter for developing K-12 AI educational curriculum nationwide.

Harnessing AI to Reduce Food Insecurity in Africa

Researchers in the School of Economics hope the tool they're developing can help policymakers and community organizations implement more timely and targeted interventions to alleviate hunger on the continent.

Beyond Genre: Exploring Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter and Tina Turner's Influence

In her analysis, Joycelyn Wilson explores Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' album, influenced by icons like Tina Turner, representing a bold departure into country-pop fusion, while delving into its cultural resonance and musical evolution.

Staff Council Nominations Open until April 26, 2024

Georgia Tech Staff Council seeks nominations and applications for new members. Nominations for elected members and committee members will be accepted from April 15 until April 26.

Will Caitlin Clark's Star Power Raise WNBA Salaries? 

As Caitlin Clark becomes a household name, she elevates a question WNBA players, fans, and advocates have asked for decades: why is there such a significant pay disparity between men's and women's basketball? 

School of Public Policy Professor Talks TikTok Ban

Professor Milton Mueller is the co-author of a widely cited report on TikTok.

Grappling With Uncertainty Amid Cyberattacks

Even minor cyberattacks can cause a fearful reaction from the public.

Fears, Promises, and Emerging Tech 

What can the history of telecom infrastructure teach us about AI?