AI Hub Planned for CAU Under $2.79M NSF Grant with AI4OPT at Georgia Tech

Clark Atlanta University, with AI4OPT at Georgia Tech, received a $2.79 million NSF grant to advance AI education and research at HBCUs, led by Charles B. Pierre.

Stay Cool: Top Fabrics to Wear to Survive the Summer Heat

Smart textiles expert and Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering shares insight into the best fabrics to wear in the Summer

Meet VAL, an AI Teammate That Can Adapt to Your Tendencies

A new AI teammate developed by Assistant Professor Christopher MacLellan could be the ideal co-opt video game partner.

Verified Duo Push Launching at Tech June 24

The Office of Information Technology will implement Verified Duo Push at Georgia Tech on June 24.

New Research Shows that Improving Mobile Internet Service Can Reduce Digital Inequality

Improving mobile internet service by removing the data cap has large benefits for disadvantaged households.

Professor Earns NSF CAREER Award for Work in Algorithms

Assistant Professor Jan van den Brand was recently awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award for his groundbreaking work developing more efficient algorithms.

Unraveling the Physics of Knitting

The researchers have taken the age-old technical know-how of knitting and added mathematical backing to it.

Alert: DUO Authentication Scam

The Office of Information Technology alerts the Georgia Tech community to be aware of DUO two-factor authentication phone scams.

Chatbots Are Poor Multilingual Healthcare Consultants, Study Finds

Georgia Tech researchers found that chatbots are less accurate in Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi compared to English when asked health-related questions.

From Brewery to Biofilter: Making Yeast-Based Water Purification Possible

A team of Georgia Tech and MIT researchers found that discarded brewer’s yeast, when encased in hydrogel capsules, becomes a viable and inexpensive method for purifying contaminated water.