Hollister Lab Develops 3D Printing for Soft Tissue Engineering

Researchers use architected auxetics to achieve 300 times more flexibility in new 3D printing design.

Sensor Fabric, Big Data Could Help End Pressure Injuries for Wheelchair Users

MSE researchers are using a Catalyst Award from the National Academy of Medicine to develop a pressure-relieving sensor system that could also be used in hospital beds.

Physicists Focus on Neutrinos With New Telescope

Physics Professor Nepomuk Otte and students have developed the Trinity Demonstrator to search for sources of high-energy neutrinos that contain clues to the early universe.

Georgia Tech Awarded $1.5M to Build People-Centric Network for National Research Database

The $1.5M project aims to raise visibility for researchers at HBCUs and Minority Serving Institution (MSIs).

Water on the Moon May Be Forming Due to Electrons From Earth

The research, which was published in Nature Astronomy last month, has the potential to impact our understanding of how water, a critical resource for life and sustained future human missions to the Moon, formed and continues to evolve.

Coskun Receives $1.86 Million NIH MIRA Award to Map Spatial Molecular Neighborhoods

Georgia Tech researcher plans to probe subcellular and cellular organization, counting molecular neighborhoods and building to better understand the spatial organization of cells.

Georgia Tech Hosts Nanowire Week 2023

The event, which kicked off on National Nanotechnology Day, brought together attendees and speakers for four and a half days of talks, poster sessions, and panel discussions.

How Insects Evolved to Ultrafast Flight (And Back)

Many insects fly synchronously, matching the nervous system pulses to wing movement. But smaller insects don’t have the mechanics for this and must flap their wings harder, which works only up to a certain point. That’s where asynchronous flight comes in.

Georgia Tech to Launch Interdisciplinary Neurosciences Research Program

This fall, the Institute will launch a foundational, interdisciplinary program to lead in research related to neuroscience, neurotechnology, and society.

Echoes of Extinctions: Novel Method Unearths Ecosystem Disruptions

Their novel approach showed how mammal traits evolved with changing environments and revealed factors that contributed to biodiversity loss.