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Inaugural Alumnae Honorees Named for Celebration of Georgia Tech Women 

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Pathway of Progress: Celebrating Georgia Tech Women is the new name of the forthcoming, permanent tribute to the live and legacies of women from Georgia Tech, now under construction near the John Lewis Student Center and Stamps Commons. Set to open in Fall 2024, the architectural sculpture and accompanying digital experience will celebrate 70 graduates, as well as 98 women and events with historical significance to the Institute. 

The Institute is proud to reveal the inaugural alumnae whose names and legacies will be recognized. The historical honorees will be announced this fall.

The Pathway of Progress was made possible by generous support from Andrea L. Laliberte, IE 1982, M.S. IE 1984, and designed by Merica May Jensen, MGT 2008, M. ARCH 2011. Extending from the ground up to the trees, this tribute comprises a ribbon-like canopy of 2,946 suspended and mirror-polished metal tiles, of which an initial 168 are inscribed with Tech women’s names and stories. Tiles featuring orienting historical information will embrace a table and seating area at the ground level, which will serve as a gathering place for reflection, contemplation, and celebration. 


Woman outside looking at installation.
Hundreds of hexagonal mosaics will tell the stories of women who graduated from Georgia Tech, forming a collective constellation across the campus treeline. 


“As we break ground on this significant project, we embark on a journey to celebrate the permanent mark women have left on Georgia Tech. Nestled amid the vibrant heartbeat of our campus, this installation will serve as a testament to their remarkable achievements and enduring legacies. This space will not only honor their past triumphs but also inspire future generations, fostering reflection and contemplation. We eagerly anticipate its completion, marking a milestone in our ongoing commitment to recognize and celebrate the pivotal role of women at Georgia Tech.” 

– Shantay N. Bolton, Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance


A committee of alumni, faculty, administrators, and students oversaw the criteria and selection process for the inaugural class of honorees. Following a wide call for nominations in Spring 2022, the committee reviewed hundreds of submissions and selected the women whose stories are the foundation for the Pathway. 

Those stories also will be featured in the interactive website for Pathway of Progress. This fall, users will find resources and in-depth information about the people, places, events, and networks represented, extending the experience. 

Plans are underway for celebratory events surrounding Pathway of Progress: Celebrating Georgia Tech Women, to include many of the women honorees and their families and friends. 

Moving forward, the Georgia Tech Alumni Association will lead an annual process to nominate and recognize additional women each year, telling the ongoing stories of women from Georgia Tech. 

Map showing location of installation.
The installation will be a transformative structure in the heart of campus near the John Lewis Student Center.

Aerial view of installation
Andrea L. Laliberte's vision will come to life, promoting awareness and public recognition of the history of Georgia Tech women in a visually compelling way.

Inaugural Alumnae Honorees

Jane Chumley Ammons Ph.D. IE 1982 College of Engineering 
Annie Antón ICS 1990, M.S. ICS 1992, Ph.D. CS 1997 College of Computing 
Pam Arlotto HS 1980 College of Sciences 
Malory Hunter Atkinson BC 2008 College of Design 
Sybrina Y. Atwaters EE 1994, M.S. HSTS 2009, Ph.D. HSTS 2014 Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 
Banafsheh Azizi IA 2004, M.S. IA 2008 Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 
Jennifer P. Bailey CerE 1970, M.S. CerE 1971 College of Engineering 
Laurie L. Baker AE 1967, M.S. AE 1969  College of Engineering 
Kelly H. Barrett IM 1986 Scheller College of Business 
Cathy Anne (Caseman) Berdahl IM 1977 Scheller College of Business 
Elizabeth Córdoba AE 2005 College of Engineering 
Jan Davis Bio 1975 College of Sciences 
Tiffany Nicole Davis AE 2016, M.S. CS 2021 College of Computing 
Tawana Myngtria Derricotte Miller IM 1976 Scheller College of Business 
Danielle M. Donehew IE 2001 College of Engineering 
Merrill Elam Arch 1971 College of Design 
Ashley Elleby IE 2008 College of Engineering 
Maj. Kisha Ford Torres Mgt 1998 Scheller College of Business 
Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, M.D. ChE 1979College of Engineering 
Robyn Gatens ChE 1985 College of Engineering 
Jyoti Gupta Ph.D. ChE 2009 College of Engineering 
Paula T. Hammond M.S. ChE 1988 College of Engineering 
Evelynn M. Hammonds EE 1976 College of Engineering 
Lara O’Connor Hodgson AE 1993 College of Engineering 
Sarabrynn Hudgins IA 2009 Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 
Elaine Ho Johns IE 1985 College of Engineering 
Joy F. Jordan ChE 1992 College of Engineering 
Deborah Kilpatrick ESM 1989, M.S. ME 1994, Ph.D. ME 1996 College of Engineering 
Andrea L. Laliberte IE 1982, M.S. IE 1984 College of Engineering 
Tameeka Law Walker, M.D. ChE 1997 College of Engineering 
Ivenue Love-Stanley Arch 1977 College of Design 
Chaunté Lowe Econ 2008 Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 
Wonya Lucas IE 1983 College of Engineering 
Sandra Hall Magnus Ph.D. CerE 1996 College of Engineering 
Kavya Kamal Manyapu AE 2006 College of Engineering 
Kristen Marhaver Bio 2004 College of Sciences 
Jessica Dreger McDermott, M.D. Bio 2004 College of Sciences 
Mary McElroy M.S. Mgt 2000 Scheller College of Business 
Jennifer McKeehan IE 2005 College of Engineering 
Shirley Clements Mewborn EE 1956 College of Engineering 
Valerie Montgomery Rice, M.D. Chem 1983 College of Sciences 
Elizabeth Moore ChE 1974 College of Engineering 
Jennifer Lentz Moore AE 2005 College of Engineering 
Deborah Anne Nash IE 1978 College of Engineering 
Truc T. Ngo ChE 1997, Ph.D. ChE 2001 College of Engineering 
Anu Parvatiyar BME 2008 College of Engineering 
C. Anne Patterson, M.D. AE 1971 College of Engineering 
Yvonne Pendleton AE 1979 College of Engineering 
Patrise Perkins-Hooker IM 1980 Scheller College of Business 
Kathy Pham CS 2007, M.S. CS 2009 College of Computing 
Amy Phuong IA 2005 Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 
Rosalind Wright Picard EE 1984 College of Engineering 
Lauren B. Priddy Ph.D. BioE 2015 College of Engineering 
Cathleen Thomas Quigley EE 1984 College of Engineering 
Jean Marie Richardson Mgt 2002 Scheller College of Business 
Megan Reinertsen Ross M.S. Psy 1999, Ph.D. Psy 2001 College of Sciences 
Kelly Sepcic Pfeil M.S. Chem 1992, Ph.D. Chem 2003 College of Sciences 
Suzanne Shank CE 1983 College of Engineering 
Dianna Shelander AP 1976  College of Sciences 
Leslie R. Sibert EE 1985 College of Engineering 
Ronda R. Sides IE 1983 College of Engineering 
Arlyne Simon ChBE 2008 College of Engineering 
Mary Lynn Smith EE 1988 College of Engineering 
Yvette Hill Smith IE 1990 College of Engineering 
Maria J. Soto-Giron Ph.D. BI 2018 College of Computing 
Jocelyn Stargel IE 82, M.S. IE 1986 College of Engineering 
Wendi Sturgis IM 1990 Scheller College of Business 
Blair Dowling Sullivan CS 2003, AM 2003 College of Sciences 
Janice Nease Wittschiebe Arch 1978, M. Arch 1980 College of Design 
Carolyn (Lyn) D. Wylder CE 1975, M.S. CE 1978 College of Engineering 
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