Georgia Tech Home to World’s Third and Final Statue of Einstein

New statue of Albert Einstein sits near the northwest corner of Tech Green.

A 3,000-pound sculpture of renowned physicist and Nobel laureate Albert Einstein has been officially unveiled on Georgia Tech’s campus.  It sits at one of the busiest corridors ­– the northwest corner of Tech Green near the Bunger-Henry Building.

American artist Robert Berks made the sculpture. It is his third and final likeness of the scientist. One is housed at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. The second found a home at the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities.

Despite getting several requests to house the final Einstein piece, Berks’ widow, Dorothy “Tod” Berks, felt none were quite the right fit. When the opportunity came to put the statue on Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus, Ms. Berks felt it would be a home that properly honored her husband’s legacy.

“I think this is an iconic piece that is going to represent Georgia Tech’s commitment to improving the human condition,” said Provost Rafael L. Bras. “Einstein captures it all.”

A rounded, stair-stepped bench arches the statue. Planners hope the site becomes a spot for gathering and taking photos. Thousands of people routinely stop at the similar sculpture in D.C. to take photographs.

“It’s whatever you need it to be,” explained Georgia Tech Office of the Arts Director Madison Cario.  “It’s a place to hide if you need to hide. It’s someone to talk to talk if you need someone. If you look, it’s set in an area that’s meant for restorative thinking, which I think is really important for getting work done.

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