Career Resources Available for Students During Virtual Job Hunt

The Career Center has ways to help students navigate a new hiring environment.

As career fair season draws to a close and the hiring season starts, many students have found themselves in the middle of a job hunt. Whether it’s for an internship, co-op, or full-time position, students everywhere are looking to find that perfect position. Unfortunately, the pandemic has added another layer of uncertainty to what can already be a stressful process. Be it fear of a limited job market or lack of knowledge about how to navigate a virtual hiring world, job seekers are having to adapt to the current circumstances.

Fortunately, there are several resources that can help students land a job. Georgia Tech’s Career Center has a Covid-19 Student Resources page, complete with news about Covid-19’s impact on the job market, lists of who’s hiring, and more.

“While we have seen a slight decrease in opportunities, there are still many jobs out there, and Georgia Tech students are much sought after due to their excellence,” said Andrea Comsa, director of Co-op and Experiential Education for the Career Center. “Our company partners have been very engaged and supportive of Tech students, and many co-ops and internships continued in a remote setting this past summer.” She added that 249 companies attended the Fall All-Majors Virtual Career Fair held last month, bringing with them plenty of job opportunities. Additional opportunities are posted daily on CareerBuzz.

Over the summer, the Career Center launched two new biweekly webinar series to help students learn how to engage with companies virtually: Career Chat Hours and Employer Insights. With Career Chat Hours, students can get job hunting tips and ask any questions they have. With Employer Insights, students can hear employer tips specifically pertaining to the virtual career search. The two webinars are hosted on alternating Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m. View the Career Center’s full list of Fall 2020 programming here.

“I think students should continue to be diligent in pursuing what they are interested in and engage with the companies they want to work for,” Comsa said. “Networking is even more important now, and the virtual environment provides easier access and many platforms for engagement.” Some valuable networking resources include LinkedIn, Startup Exchange and CREATE-X for entrepreneurial students, and Georgia Tech’s vast alumni network.

For even more resources for different steps in the job search — including resume building, interviewing, and ultimately choosing between job offers — click here. Career Advisors are also available to assist students of all majors and degree levels.

“We are here to help, and this is the time for students to connect with us,” Comsa said.

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