Georgia Tech Reimagines Institute Corporate Relations Structure, Creates New Office of Corporate Engagement

The Office of Corporate Engagement will help the Institute leverage critical partnerships and develop new relationships with industry.

This spring, Georgia Tech will launch the Office of Corporate Engagement, a new integrated model of corporate relations and industry collaborations designed to help the Institute leverage critical partnerships and develop new relationships with industry. The launch of the new office is the first of two phases that will reimagine Georgia Tech’s corporate and industry engagement ecosystem, including a refined organizational structure, over the next several months.

“Continued engagement with industry is a critical part of realizing Georgia’s Tech mission to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition,” said President Ángel Cabrera. “A renewed, streamlined organizational approach is essential to welcoming and meeting the demands of these growing opportunities.”

The refinements follow a recently completed holistic review of Georgia Tech’s existing corporate, business, and industry engagement structure and activities. At the request of President Cabrera, the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR) and the Office of Development completed a strategic examination of previous reports and studies, and a comprehensive assessment of engagement points for internal and external stakeholders.

Their analysis looked closely at how and where faculty and students in academic and research units interact with Tech’s industry contacts and sponsors across various service areas: recruitment, research, intellectual property, philanthropy, economic development, and education and training. Common issues centered around coordination, fragmentation of services, and communication.

“The analysis spotlighted many of our strengths but also discovered pain points, as these industry engagements have grown in number and complexity,” said Executive Vice President for Research Chaouki T. Abdallah. “With our phased approach, I believe we can better clarify these points of engagement, boost the organizational structure, and create an even stronger customer-focused approach.”

Starting in April, Phase 1 will establish the new Office of Corporate Engagement and a new position: Associate Vice President for Corporate Engagement. Dually sponsored by the EVPR and the Office of Development, the new office will serve as the central clearinghouse and hub for all partner relationships and transactional activities, such as recruitment, research, intellectual property, philanthropy, economic development, and education and training. The office will coordinate and collaborate with relevant campus units including, but not limited to: Technology Licensing, Venture Lab, Industry Contracting, Economic Development, Career Services, Georgia Tech Professional Education, and the Enterprise Innovation Institute.

“Our new strategy is grounded in the development of a cohesive, collaborative culture that will allow us to best manage existing relationships and set the standard as we develop new relationships,” said Barrett Carson, vice president for Development. “Effective coordination and transparent exchange of information will provide maximum efficiency and support to our valuable partners and Georgia Tech.”

Anticipated in July, as part of Phase 2, the Office of Corporate Relations and the Office of Industry Research — both of which have significant business engagement and relationship management responsibilities — will become part of the Office of Corporate Engagement. Over the next few months, additional stakeholder meetings will be held across affected units to further inform the organizational model and design of the new office.

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