Relief Fund Created for Students from Ukraine

In addition to supporting current students, the resources generated will support displaced scholars and welcome them to join the Georgia Tech community.
Ukrainian flag

Ukrainian flag

The war in Ukraine is having devastating effects on the nation, its people, and its economy. Many of these effects will be long-lasting regardless of the war's length or outcome. Similarly, students from neighboring countries, including Russia, Moldova, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, and others in the region, are facing economic hardship as their countries are stressed by millions of refugees and the threat of additional uncertainties to their independence and stability.

Many students and faculty at Ukrainian universities are unable to continue their studies or their work. As part of its mission to improve the human condition, Georgia Tech would like to host a number of students to complete their degrees as well as faculty in need of a temporary university home.

The Office of Development is leading a fundraising initiative to support the approximately 80 current Georgia Tech students from Ukraine and neighboring countries. While these students will be the top priority, we also want to generate resources to support displaced scholars and welcome them to join the Tech community.

We estimate an urgent need of between $3 and $4 million in current, expendable funds, which will be administered through the Office of International Education. After four years, any funds not used for the purpose described will be allocated to a fund to support the ongoing emergency needs of international students.

To donate to the Ukraine Student and Faculty Relief Fund, click here.

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