Iconic “TECH” letters removed from Tech Tower

Due to light pollution, the iconic “T-E-C-H” letters at the top of Tech Tower have been unplugged and permanently removed.

For the first time in 106 years, Georgia Tech students will no longer see the word “TECH” displayed on the oldest building on campus. Due to an increase in light pollution measured by the Facility of Optical Luminescence and Skygazing (FOOLS), the letters have been unplugged and permanently removed from the building.  

The light emitted from the letters pulled the sky quality rating in the area surrounding Tech Tower down to the lowest reading of 16.00 — which represents the highest amount of light pollution possible. Dr. Kant Taycajoek, a Georgia Tech professor in the field of optics and light emission, served as a university advisor to a team from FOOLS.

“We tried every solution to prevent this from happening — we didn’t take it lightly,” lamented Taycajoek. “At first, we just turned off the “T” to see if that would decrease the pollution, but sadly, the “TECH” here is simply just too bright.”

Taycajoek suggested that the lights simply be turned off and that the letters should remain fixed atop the tower. However, the FOOLS team would not allow it.

“They were worried that we would simply just flip the light switch back on,” said Taycajoek. “And we would have.”

The only solution was to remove the illuminated letters from all four sides of the building. On April 1 at 12:01 a.m., a team of light removal specialists turned off the sign for the last time and dismantled the letters.

“It’s truly an SSD (sad, sad day),” said L.V. Lux, Georgia Tech’s vice president of abbreviations and acronyms. “It’s hard to imagine this campus without “TECH.” It just seems dark.”

The letters have been taken in by the Institute — deceptively and harmlessly unlit and placed in storage.

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