ASC Prepares to Welcome New Student Employees

The Administrative Services Center (ASC) is looking forward to welcoming thousands of new student employees for the fall semester at the Student Employee Onboarding event.

The Administrative Services Center (ASC) is looking forward to welcoming thousands of new student employees for the fall semester. To help them complete the hiring and onboarding process, the ASC will host the annual Student Employee Onboarding event Aug. 14 – 16 at the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (across from Exhibition Hall).  

This event is open to all graduate and undergraduate students who need assistance completing their in-person onboarding requirements (e.g., Form I-9 verification and notarized Georgia Security Questionnaire). Students should plan to attend if they have been recently hired, have not received a paycheck from Georgia Tech in the past two years, or were previously employed as an affiliate. 

All student employees must be hired in OneUSG Connect before beginning work. Once the hire has been approved, new student employees should complete the onboarding process, including the online onboarding documents, employment eligibility verification (Form I-9), and security oath. New student employees are defined as students who have not yet worked or have not received a paycheck in the past two years at Georgia Tech. For step-by-step instructions on completing the onboarding process, students should visit the Student Onboarding webpage.    

Selecting a Time Slot  
Student employees who need to complete onboarding will receive a link to select a 30-minute time slot between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. once they’ve completed step 1 of the onboarding process.  

Need to Complete Onboarding but Cannot Attend This Event?  
If you need to complete your Form I-9 and/or notarized Georgia Security Questionnaire, but cannot attend this in-person event, review two additional onboarding appointment options here

Already Completed Onboarding?  
Great! Student employees who completed an onboarding appointment do not need to attend the Student Employee Onboarding event.    

Other Important Notes  
The Student Employee Onboarding event is not an opportunity for students to find a campus job. It is the final step to completing your Form I-9 and/or notarized Georgia Security Questionnaire. If you are looking for a job, visit the Student Employment webpage for helpful resources.   

Hiring managers and their hiring support staff are encouraged to familiarize themselves with new and helpful resources designed to promote a seamless experience. Learn more here.     


  • Call the ASC at 404.385.1111.