Georgia Tech to Lead NASA Center on Lunar Research and Exploration

The center's research about the nature of lunar dust and volatiles will support upcoming human-crewed missions to the moon.

Georgia Tech Chosen as Partner Institution for World-Leading Climate Center

Georgia Tech will be a key partner for the New York Climate Exchange (The Exchange), a first-of-its-kind international center for developing and deploying dynamic solutions to the global climate crisis.

Community Garden Unveils Expansion

First opened in 2012, the Community Garden has undergone a complete transformation. The latest expansion has doubled its square footage, converted the garden to full ADA accessibility, and increased the number of beds to expand access to sustainable produ

Georgia Tech Earth Month Events to Mark on Your Calendar

Earth Day is April 22, but Georgia Tech is celebrating Earth Month with events throughout April highlighting sustainability efforts across campus.

Driving Change: Georgia Tech Experts Lead in Electrification of America’s Roads

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and with economic and environmental impacts colliding, Georgia Tech experts are leading the way in the development of next-generation solutions.

SDG Week Highlights Sustainable Development Goals

The campus community is invited to participate in a variety of events that increase awareness of and encourage actions that advance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Super-fast Insect Urination Powered by the Physics of Superpropulsion

Atlanta, GA

Tiny insects known as sharpshooters excrete by catapulting urine drops at incredible accelerations. Their excretion is the first example of superpropulsion discovered in a biological system.

Mycorrhizal Types Control Biodiversity Effects on Productivity

Atlanta, GA

An international, collaborative team of researchers shed light on how fungi and plant roots work together to gather nutrients — and how the diversity of plant species may impact the process.

Georgia Tech Experts Weigh In on Massive Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Atlanta, GA

Faculty with ties to Turkey and earthquake research are closely monitoring the situation.

Vice President’s Visit Brings Climate Change Discussion to Forefront

With the Ferst Center filled to the brim Wednesday, Georgia Tech hosted Vice President Kamala Harris for a discussion about the climate crisis, which she called a transformational moment in America.