Expanding Access to Obstetric Care in Georgia: Challenges and Strategies

Georgia Tech researchers highlight the limitations of the "maternity care desert" measure in accurately representing access to obstetric care in Georgia, urging for more sophisticated, region-specific approaches to address the state's high maternal mortal

Tech Alum Launches Meniscus Implant Startup

The bio-inspired implant could help patients avoid total knee replacements, which are frequently required due to long-term degeneration caused by meniscus injuries.

Novel Use of Existing Drug Could Significantly Cut Heart Attack Risk

While most treatments for cardiac events target breaking down blood clots, Georgia Tech researchers have found a way to prevent blood clots from even forming.

Nanowires Create Elite Warriors to Enhance T Cell Therapy

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a method using nanowires to deliver miRNA to T-cells, preserving their naïve state and significantly enhancing their effectiveness in adoptive T-cell therapy for fighting infections and potentially cancer.

Asthma's New Treatment Frontier

Han will investigate whether blocking specific neurons can help inhibit asthma — which may provide a new avenue for developing treatments.

This Modified Stainless Steel Could Kill Bacteria Without Antibiotics or Chemicals

Researchers etch nano-sized textures and add copper ions to create a naturally antibacterial material for hospitals and other shared settings.

Family Loss Brings About Medical Breakthrough

Family tragedy changed Hong Yeo’s life, with his new direction leading to a new potentially lifesaving medical device.

Flicker Stimulation Shines in Clinical Trial for Epilepsy

Biomedical engineer Annabelle Singer has spent the past decade developing a noninvasive therapy for Alzheimer’s disease that also could benefit patients with a host of other neurological disorders, from epilepsy to multiple sclerosis.

Georgia Tech Partners with Children’s Hospital on New Heart Surgery Planning Tool

Cardiologists and surgeons could soon have a new mobile augmented reality (AR) tool to improve collaboration in surgical planning.

Science Square Ushers in New Era of Research

First phase of innovation district promises to encourage medical advances, drive economic growth, and inspire future generations