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Georgia Tech Experts Tell You What to Expect

2021 may be well on its way to becoming “the year consumers learned about the supply chain.” Across the complex global system that transports products and materials, delays and breakdowns are affecting daily life. From mysteriously empty shelves in grocery stores, to lumber shortages, to the rise of local sourcing, consumers have found shopping trips hard to predict this year.

And as people around the world continue to weigh the risks of navigating public spaces in the ongoing pandemic, they face one more challenge: yet another anything-but-normal holiday season.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Georgia Tech experts in retail, logistics, building construction, industrial design, manufacturing, food supply, crypto currency, and more are sharing their research, experience, and predictions for this holiday season. We’ll tell you what to expect as you travel, shop for presents, and put a spread on the table between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Steve Chininis, Wayne Li, Kevin Shankwiler

How to Design for Unpredictable Holidays

While most consumers busily put the finishing touches on holiday decorations and wrap last-minute presents, industrial designers are half-way into designing next year’s holiday season.

Cargo ships at port

Trucker Shortage, Loss of Storage, and Shipping Delays – Oh My!

Supply chain disruptions have caused shipping delays around the United States but what is causing the slowdown? Georgia Tech expert Anton Kleywegt points to three key factors.

Port congestion is just on of the issues currently disrupting supply chains.

The Current Supply Chain Crisis

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) experts at Georgia Tech explain what is happening to the supply chain, how to fix it, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.


Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business

Five Critical Questions About Supply Chain

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business faculty experts in operations management provide insight into the overarching causes, financial ramifications, and multi-pronged approaches to mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions in the coming months and year. 

Christmas trees in a store.

Where Are You Christmas (Tree)? Why Can’t I Find You?

Persistent global supply chain issues seem to be causing a delay in Christmas cheer. Georgia Tech supply chain expert outlines the barriers to buying holiday goods this season.

a shipping yard full of shipping containers seen from above

Supply Chain Crisis Persists as Holiday Season Approaches

Nearly two years into the pandemic and global manufacturing has yet to recover.


a passenger jet passing in the sky above

Georgia Tech Professor Offers Tips for Planning Air Travel This Holiday Season

Travel behavior expert, Professor Laurie Garrow, offers tips on how to plan for this holiday season amid the pandemic and supply chain issues.


portrait of Pardis Pishad-Bozorgi

Building and Construction Industries Face Supply Chain Disruptions, but There Is Hope

How can companies overcome this disruption to the supply chain? Pardis Pishad-Bozorgi with the School of Building Construction has a few solutions for managing the supply chain issue while also adhering to timeline demands.


a woman shopping for produce in a grocery store

How Food Supply Issues May Affect Your Thanksgiving Table

What can shoppers expect and how can they be prepared this holiday season? Georgia Tech food supply chain and safety expert Wendy White shares her insights.



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