In the Classroom

In the Classroom

In the Classroom

A series showcasing some of Georgia Tech’s award-winning teachers, delving into what they teach, how they do it, and what motivates them.

In the Classroom with Michael Gamble

Since the age of six, Michael Gamble knew he wanted to be an architect.


In the Classroom with Dana Randall

By the time Dana Randall finished college, she had five years of teaching experience under her belt.


In the Classroom with Florin Niculescu

Florin Niculescu has always loved mathematics, but it wasn’t until he was a course assistant at Harvard University that he started thinking about teaching.


In the Classroom with Kelly Comfort

Associate Professor of Spanish Kelly Comfort went to college with plans to become a broadcast journalist.  


In the Classroom with Gary Schuster

Gary Schuster gives Peter Pan partial credit for inspiring his 50-year career in academia.


In the Classroom with Julian Rimoli

As a child, Julian Rimoli shared a dream with many who grew up watching space missions: He wanted to be an astronaut.


In the Classroom with Deborah Phillips

At an early age, Deborah Phillips had a front row seat to witness the lasting impact educators can make.


In the Classroom with Michael Smith

Michael Smith calls himself a “triple dipper” because he has three degrees from Georgia Tech.


In the Classroom with Ashok Goel

Professor Ashok Goel never had any doubt that he would enter the family business: education.


In the Classroom with Linda Green

When teaching Introduction to Organismal Biology (BIO 1520), Linda Green likes to tap into students’ curiosity by taking a fresh look at familiar occurrences.


In the Classroom with Bob Kirkman

The lightbulb moment that changed the way Bob Kirkman teaches, and led to an astonishing jump in student engagement.


In the Classroom with Bill Singhose

Professor Singhose teaches Mechanical Engineering 2110, Tech’s introductory mechanical design class that enrolls 300 students per term.