Forging the Future: Alexandra

Forging the Future

Forging the Future: Alexandra

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Alexandra Foote admits that she’s been described as "glittery and cheerleader-y.” But she is just as comfortable with programming languages as she is with her pompoms.

“I guess people expect computer science majors to be anti-social and maybe a little bit nerdy,” Alex says.  “I think I’m nerdy, but I’m definitely not anti-social."

Alex has been going strong since the sixth grade when she starting cheerleading. As a sophomore in high school, she had already launched her own startup company sourcing more cost-effective school uniforms. In 18 months, her business had already grossed six figures and supplied uniforms for an entire school.

Now you can find Alex on the sidelines cheering on the Yellow Jackets or in the classroom cracking computer codes.

“I get frustrated when it takes a long time,” she admits. “But I love when I figure it out and my code finally works."

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As a freshman, Alex continues taking challenges head on. She earned a scholarship to the 2015 Grace Hopper Conference for women in computing in Houston. While she was there, Alex brushed aside another preconceived notion that it’s difficult for freshman to get internships.

“I got an offer from Bank of America,” she says “I’ll be spending the summer working in Charlotte.”

As she looks to the future, Alex has her sights on Georgia Tech’s thriving startup scene.

“I definitely want to work for myself. A Mark Zuckerberg-type Tech startup,” she says.

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