Forging the Future: Jon

Forging the Future

Forging the Future: Jon

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A move from a small town in Connecticut to midtown Atlanta has turned out to be the best decision for Jon Dolan, an inventor and code developer long before getting to Georgia Tech.

“I’m from a small high school. Maybe only one or two of my classmates could program,” he says. “I knew that if I could get in to Tech the opportunities would outweigh any other potential school that I could go to.”

As a high school junior, Jon developed a word game called Fives using Raspberry Pi. Players guess a correct five letter words by choosing other five letter words and getting clues on which letters are in the right places. The game has both mobile and web versions.

“I have ads on it so I make some money off of it too,” Jon says with a chuckle.

Fueled by a thirst for exploring images from space, Jon also 3D printed a device that allows him to capture better images using a telescope and his smartphone.

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He also founded his school’s first-ever robotics team, which made it to final match of the state championship in its first season.

“Georgia Tech is creativity, innovation, and desire to forge ahead,” Jon says.

And he’s making the most of his opportunities here. Jon has already joined robotics teamed and is actively writing code for competitions. He says many upperclassmen are surprised by how much he came in with the knowledge to be able to do.

“You can find whatever you love to do and a lot of other people who also like to do that,” Jon says.

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