Forging the Future: CiCi

Forging the Future

Forging the Future: CiCi

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“I was bred to come here,” Ciandra Calhoun – better known as CiCi – says. Her father graduated from Georgia Tech, now she’s following in his footsteps.

She remembers being at the student center at the bowling alley and cheering on the Jackets at football as a three-year old.

As long as she’s been around Georgia Tech, CiCi says she has become familiar with some stereotypes that get tossed around.

“They’re the smart ones, only books, books, books. They made the best test scores, they’re the ones with the highest income.” CiCi says of the misconceptions. “I definitely don’t fit that. I’m not the smartest one here, but I have captured my well roundedness and found where I fit in.”

CiCi has decided to blaze her own trail at Georgia Tech, taking part of a program with her industrial design major where she will begin on a Pre-Med specialization around her third year. Her long-term goal is to become a surgeon.

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But it’s not just academics she’s getting from her first year at Georgia Tech.

“Georgia Tech offers way more than just an education. Coming here my eyes have been opened to things that I never thought about,” Cici says.

She joined Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and has been working part time with the College of Computing’s Technology Service Organization, despite that being outside her major.

She admits her first year hasn’t been easy, but the journey has been well worth the struggle.

“If I can survive, I’m sure you are quite capable of surviving,” she says with a smile.

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