Forging the Future: Caroline

Forging the Future

Forging the Future: Caroline

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First-generation American Caroline Zabinski traces her roots to Poland. Her father was a political refugee. Her mother grew up during the Solidarity movement that helped bring the fall of communism.

Caroline’s family story has shaped her view of the world. “You have to know where you came from,” she says.

Caroline’s parents took her on trips as a child to expand her horizons. Road trips across the U.S. and even backpacking treks in her family’s native Poland helped fuel her passion for exploring the world and wanting to make it a better place.

At Georgia Tech, Caroline is combining biology and engineering, with an ultimate goal of creating things with meaningful and lasting impact on the environment.

“I like challenges because they push me to be a better me.” Caroline says. “People here don’t look at challenges as a bad thing, but more something to be inspired by.” 

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She’s already participating in research as a freshman in a biogeochemistry lab. She’s in the Georgia Tech honors program and on an international track, planning to study abroad with her sights on Australia... or Germany.

“I’d really love to see the real impacts of climate change and over-fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, and see if there’s some way to provide a solution. The engineering side of me would love to work with a German manufacturing company working on alternative energy.”

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