Forging the Future: Rosalee

Forging the Future

Forging the Future: Rosalee

text - Rosalee- Mechanical Engineering Watsonville, CA

Mechanical engineering freshman Rosalee Ramer ends up doing much of her calculus homework on planes.

That’s because there’s a fair amount of weekend travel when you’re the world’s youngest female monster truck driver.

The Watsonville, California native does much of the maintenance on her own truck – a massive antique Ford pickup with a custom built super-charged engine.  The hot pink-hubcapped mega truck is named ‘Wild Flower’ and sports a license plate that reads “Princess.” But don’t be fooled. Rosalee pulls three or four units of g-force launching her truck into the air.

Rosalee has been around monster trucks since she was a toddler. Her father is also a monster truck racer, and is now her coach. Since starting college,  Rosalee splits her time between Monster Jam events on the weekends, and Georgia Tech classrooms during the week.

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Ramer is the first person in her family to go to college, and she worked hard to get to here. She scored near perfect on the SAT, and could have had her pick of any college in the country.

“I chose Georgia Tech because if felt like the kind of school I wanted to go to,” Rosalee explains.

She has the know-how to apply the science to her love of monster trucks. She’s been working on building the first electronic fuel injection system for a monster truck.

“Even if you’re a girly girl you can still work on trucks, or do whatever you want to do,” she says.

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