Forging the Future: David

Forging the Future

Forging the Future: David

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Not many college freshmen can say they’re coming to campus having won an Emmy award, but David Ashcom can. That’s not all. He also started his own film company before ever setting foot on Georgia Tech’s campus.

David’s passion for filmmaking started with his high school’s video production program, and he credits a teacher for helping ignite his fire. “I woke up excited to do film work. That’s not something many people can say of their high school experience,” David says.

David directed his high school’s news broadcast, which earned the Emmy award. But he has received national accolades for everything from a suspense film shot over 24 hours, to a public service announcement depicting the dangers of texting and driving.

“I want you to watch something I’ve done and think or feel something strong,” he says of his work.

The summer of his senior year of high school, David launched Dash Films, a company creating videos for a variety of clients.

“Basically I just wanted a camera in my hands,” he says.

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David will be pursuing his degree in Business, and taking advantage of Georgia Tech’s minor in film studies to pursue his dream career as a filmmaker.

“It’s so great to wake up here and be in the middle of Atlanta. And so many things are happening in the film industry here now.”

David says he realizes that some people may question why he’s focusing on film at a school known for engineering and science, but he never doubts his decision. 

“Not only am I at one of the best and fastest-growing business schools in the country, but people here are willing to listen to your ideas, and so willing to help,” David says.

David continues to explore video projects at Georgia Tech and has been working on a series of videos to improve mental health on campus.

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