The center's research about the nature of lunar dust and volatiles will support upcoming human-crewed missions to the moon.
A team of Georgia Tech researchers has built an automatic feeding machine for gorillas at Zoo Atlanta that allows the primates to more naturally forage for food.
In two papers, researchers examined a specific type of stem cell with an intracellular toolkit to determine which cells are most likely to create effective cell therapies.
Five faculty members will help grow the College of Engineering’s work in high-impact cyber-physical systems security as new Cybersecurity Fellows.
Over 3,000 generations of laboratory evolution, Georgia Tech researchers watched as their model organism, “snowflake yeast,” began to adapt as multicellular individuals.
RotorJackets, Georgia Tech’s drone racing team, captured their second straight national title, but their mission extends beyond winning championships.
The MURI program seeks to fund research teams with creative and diverse solutions to complex problems and is a major part of the DoD’s research portfolio.
LIGO researchers are developing early-warning software to nab neutron-star mergers faster
Georgia Tech researchers apply an economics theory to study the building blocks of biological evolution
Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and with economic and environmental impacts colliding, Georgia Tech experts are leading the way in the development of next-generation solutions.