Staff Profiles: Meet Tech's On-the-Job Creators

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Staff Profiles: Meet Tech's On-the-Job Creators

At Georgia Tech, the unique perspectives of our staff are evident as they work to define what’s next every day. 

Aby Parsons

Creating the Next Welcoming Environment

“When students and employees attend our Safe Space and Trans 101 trainings, they're better equipped to provide a safe and welcoming campus for our LGBTQIA communities."

A portrait of Aby Parsons smiling

Aby Parsons, director, LGBTQIA Resource Center, is creating inclusive excellence by engaging the campus community in education, advocacy, and outreach for people of all genders and sexual identities.



James Logan

Creating the Next Accessible Capability

"When Georgia Tech deploys accessible electronic and information technology, it makes it easier for people of all abilities. This makes business sense and strengthens Georgia Tech's image in the eyes of existing and future students." 

A portrait of James Logan pleasantly looking into the distance.

James Logan, quality assurance manager, Office of Information Technology - Enterprise Information Systems, is helping to create the next accessible electronic and information technology.


Jill Ann Hertel

Creating the Next Technological Humanist

 “By highlighting students’ creative works and originating real-world opportunities for undergraduates, the CoLab @ Literature, Media, and Communication is making both visible and tangible what a liberal arts education at Georgia Tech can do.”

A portrait of Jill Ann Hertel

Jill Ann Hertel, creative director/CoLab director, School of Literature, Media, and Communication, is helping students find meaningful links between the humanities and technology.


Brett Hulst

Creating the Next Home Away from Home

“When Georgia Tech first-year students feel connected socially and academically to the Institute through the Freshman Experience Program’s resources like in-house peer leaders, Learning Assistance Program tutors, and hall directors, they find the links to be successful at Georgia Tech and make it feel like their home.”

Portrait of Brett Hulst

Brett Hulst, associate director of Residence Life, Housing Office, is helping students be successful in their new accommodations on campus.


Ann Lynch

Creating the Next Cross-Functional Leader

“As the communications manager, I also empower students to hone their business writing and presentation skills. Effective communication brings innovation to life.”

A portrait of Ann Lynch

Anne Lynch, communications manager in the Scheller College of Business, helps students broaden their perspectives so they can be better leaders. The Denning Technology and Management Program trains undergraduates to think outside of their area of expertise and create breakthrough solutions to solve real-world problems. Their work on interdisciplinary teams teaches them to leverage their strengths for the benefit of the team.


Luis Ocasio

Creating the Next Tech Alumnus

“By connecting with other Georgia Tech offices, we create a network of experts that makes it easier for students to successfully navigate the enrollment and graduation process.”

A portrait of Luis Ocasio contemplating something off-camera

Luis Ocasio, senior assistant registrar, Registration & Customer Relations, Office of the Registrar, is helping create the next Georgia Tech graduate.


 Kathryn Colegrove

Creating the Next Opportunity for Creative Expression

“It is phenomenal to watch students’ eyes light up as they see how their own creative expression and artistic talent can open up new avenues in their work at the intersection of arts and technology.”

A portrait of Kathryn Colegrove

Kathryn Colegrove, assistant director for the Office of the Arts, is helping the Georgia Tech community explore creativity through artist workshops and performances.


Dian Chung

Creating the Next Workplace for Millennials

“I’m excited to be part of a team that is assessing the results of the Engineered Biosystems Building multidisciplinary model and envisioning a workplace dominated by a generation whose views of work are very different from long-held standards in academic institutions.”

A portrait of Dian Chung

Dian A. Chung, director of Human Resources and Administration at the College of Sciences is helping to create the next workplace for the new workforce.


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