The Month in Photos: December 2022

Victor Rogers

Capstone Expo, Campaign Kickoff, and Commencement

Rubble Wrangler poster at Capstone Expo 2022

While working in teams during the Capstone Design Expo, students tackle real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and research sponsors or on their own entrepreneurial projects. Pictured is a poster of Rubble Wrangler, a robot designed to help first responders address the challenges associated with collapsed buildings. Photo taken Dec. 5, courtesy of the College of Engineering.

final exam stress relief with puppies at ECE

As the fall semester ended, the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) hosted its Pre-Finals Student Wellness Drop-In, where students were treated to studying supplies, snacks, and ECE swag. The ECE Cares event also included puppies to help lift the spirits of students before finals began. Photo taken Dec. 9, courtesy of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Early admit photo at high school

Georgia Tech Admission delivered Early Action 1 decisions to Georgia students. Five students at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School were given their acceptance letters by Devesh Ranjan, the Eugene C. Gwaltney Jr. School Chair in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. Photo taken Dec. 9 by Ian Sargent.  

Campaign launch event with President Cabrera

Hundreds of attendees from across the Georgia Tech community attended on-campus launch events for Transforming Tomorrow: The Campaign for Georgia Tech. In June, Tech announced the public phase of a more than $2 billion comprehensive campaign that will conclude in 2027 and is designed to secure resources to advance the Institute and its impact. Photo taken Dec. 9, courtesy of Ideas United.

Four master's graduates on the field

Georgia Tech's Fall 2022 Commencement celebrated 1,690 summer graduates and 3,930 fall graduates. This includes 3,760 master's students. Photo taken during the master's ceremony on Dec. 16 by Allison Carter.

Graduates toss mortar boards into air at ceremony.

They got out, and mortarboards were sent flying in Bobby Dodd Stadium. Photo taken Dec. 17 by Allison Carter.


Beth Quay receives her diploma

Beth Quay, 71, received her online master's in analytics almost 50 years after earning her bachelor's in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech. Photo taken Dec. 16 by Allison Carter.


PhD graduate points to family in crowd.

At the Ph.D. Commencement ceremony, 360 candidates received degrees. Photo taken Dec. 16 by Rob Felt.

Prof. Marilyn Brown carries the mace in the PhD ceremony.

Professor Marilyn Brown carried the mace and was the Commencement speaker for the Ph.D. ceremony. Photo taken Dec. 16 by Rob Felt.

Bachelor's graduate next to the Ramblin' Wreck.

At the Bachelor's Commencement ceremony, 1,500 students received degrees. Photo taken Dec. 17 by Joya Chapman.

Kesssler Campanile with new fountain

Water returned to the fountain of the Kessler Campanile with the addition of 12 water jets. A new zero-entry feature on one side allows water to gradually rise to a height of 6 to 8 inches. Photo taken Dec. 10, courtesy of Ideas United.


Photography: Allison Carter, Joya Chapman, Rob Felt
Writing/Editing: Victor Rogers, Stacy Braukman