Cabrera Highlights Institute Accomplishments

President Ángel Cabrera delivered the annual Institute Address on Thursday, Sept. 2, virtually to nearly 750 viewers on YouTube and to a masked audience in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons.

“Before I highlight the incredibly impressive work we did this past year,” he said, “I first want to address what is on all of our minds these days — how to keep our community safe while we deliver on our crucially important education and research work.”

Partnership for Inclusive Innovation Announces 2021 Cohort of the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (PIN) announced the four communities selected for its 2021 Georgia Smart Communities Challenge (GA Smart), which allows localities across the state to apply for research assistance that empowers them to envision, explore, and plan for a “smart” future.

Step one, find your meditation spot. Step two, sit in a comfortable position. Step three, put on your virtual reality headset.

Wait… put on your virtual reality headset?

“I think virtual reality is the next smartphone technology,” said Matthew Golino, founder and CEO of ZenVR. “If you look at where smartphones were in the early 2010s, we are where VR is right now. Give it a decade and VR is going to be ubiquitous. Everyone is going to have it.”

One-minute point-of-care anemia test shows promise in new study

A simple point-of-care testing device for anemia could provide more rapid diagnosis of the common blood disorder and allow inexpensive at-home self-monitoring of persons with chronic forms of the disease.

The disposable self-testing device analyzes a single droplet of blood using a chemical reagent that produces visible color changes corresponding to different levels of anemia. The basic test produces results in about 60 seconds and requires no electrical power. A companion smartphone application can automatically correlate the visual results to specific blood hemoglobin levels.

Tech Alumni Get in the Bitcoin Business

To some, thinking about bitcoins may bring visions of a Super Mario Brother jumping to take a glimmering gold circle.

To Tech alumni Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair, it brought a business opportunity — Bitpay.

A sponsor of Georgia Tech Athletics this season, Bitpay is a payment processor that deals in bitcoins, a virtual currency. Founded by Pair and Gallippi in 2011, Bitpay provides a way for businesses to take bitcoin as payment — similar to the way a service provider offers Internet service to a home or business.

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