Researchers at Georgia Tech and four other institutes were awarded the grant to increase use of artificial intelligence and robotics in chicken processing.
driving change
Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and with economic and environmental impacts colliding, Georgia Tech experts are leading the way in the development of next-generation solutions.
With the Ferst Center filled to the brim Wednesday, Georgia Tech hosted Vice President Kamala Harris for a discussion about the climate crisis, which she called a transformational moment in America.
Team members who embrace diversity while acknowledging differences are more successful at building teams who display collaboration and information elaboration.
Offering connects employers and community leaders with resources to drive economic development success
Painted brick wall with "Pimiento Capital of the World"
Woodbury, Georgia, the former pimiento capital of the world, is building a new economic foundation — with a little help from Georgia Tech.
Georgia Tech experts are at the forefront of technology and research that could revamp clean energy infrastructure in our state.
Daniel Matisoff's book traces the curve of ecolabel adoption in the building market, revealing how it has transformed the economy and construction industry to achieve green market transformation.
Georgia Tech alumni are being recognized for work in their communities in Georgia Trend’s Most Influential Georgians for 2023.
Jackson Medical's GloShield device finds success in American hospitals